Post TED

Moving ahead…what does it all mean? What did I take away?

  • TED is currently reorganizing and all TEDx events will play a part.
    • TED is looking closely at the ideas that are coming out of independent TEDx events throughout the world, like TEDxUWLaCrosse, and extracting from ideas that are springing up. The TED interface is being improved with direct access to TEDx events by theme, subject, location, or language.
  • TED and TEDx are global laboratories.
    • What we are seeing is mixing and mingling by learning from each other, and seeing ideas become action.  Global communities are being formed and studied by researchers in order to solve problems that affect us.
  • A personal confirmation that a Liberal Arts education is even more relevant than ever.
    • Critical thinking, complex reasoning, communicating big ideas, understanding the cultural or historical context of decisions, and the ability to discuss them in a respectful atmosphere are skills that are just as important as ever for undergraduates.
    • Undergraduates can only benefit by these skills, both in the workplace and in their communities. These skills and abilities will help identify them for higher level positions and promotions. Companies are looking for these types of minds, and a working democracy needs them.

Applications for TEDxUWLaCrosse in the future?

  • The TEDxUWLaCrosse organizing group is looking at a mindshift in the next year or two in the way that our presence and message come through on campus. 2016-17 will be another year of TEDx Salons, which are smaller and more interactive speaking events. We are aiming at hosting our next big, filmed speaking event for the 2017-18 academic year. Speaking on the TEDxUWLaCrosse stage gives speakers a unique and highly beneficial public speaking experience, and expands our university’s reach.
  • In the meantime, we will explore
    • attempting new ways to assist faculty, instructors and staff in using TED talks and TED resources in their courses and programming
    • introducing undergraduate researchers to new and exciting ideas that are being explored on bigger stages



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